Tuesday, December 29, 2009

music in the evening.

i'm listening to pandora and it's playing me a song by taylor swift. maybe its the beer, maybe it's the benadryl but its making me think of when I was on practicum at new bolton--the good parts of it, the parts that snuck out underneath all the time i thought I was shit. i'm not saying I want to be a horse doctor. only that there's something beautiful out there in fields and hay and great big beautiful animals. i read the book "blink" by malcolm gladwell last night and it made me think that a lot of what i call "colors" in my thinking is really 'thin-slicing' . why i can't explain how I get an analogy right when i don't know any of the words, why words have colors and feelings and scenes and music and smells... maybe my thin-slicing brain talks to my conscious brain, it just doesn't use words. maybe i'll stop picking the red cards before I get to 50.