Sunday, July 30, 2006

my great thought

I just had this thought as my chinese food was delivered.

"ordering enough food for 3 people isn't gluttony--it's crime prevention. no one would ever imagine you live here alone."

the mourning time is over

or my vacation, whatever you want to call it.

it's been a harrowing week. i've dealt with that by (1) not exercising and (2) eating everything in sight. which has been quite a lot, seeing as i've gone to the grocery store and bought all the junk i wanted, just because.

the long and the short of it is that birdy flew away on friday when i was supposed to drive home to go to the beach. i spent all day friday, sat, sun and mon mourning her loss. i was devasted. i couldn't function. i bought a pionus parrot (max!) who is super fun and way bigger than birdy z(206 g vs 76 g).

on monday night i got the phone number of a person who had found a grey cockatiel in huntington station. through a fortuitous chain of connections and some sleuthing on my part... i got birdy back. we went to the vet on tuesday and she is ok. I have a follow up fecal apt for tomorrow at 4 pm to make sure her weird colony of cocci bacteria is ok.

additionally i took kitten to the vet yesterday because he had some soft poops and threw up. he had a little temperature so the vet gave him amoxicillin and diagnosed an upper GI infection. so i'm glad i took him.

i'm keeping birdy and max separated (quarantine) and life is going well. but i spent 4 days mourning birdy's death (everyone told me she wouldn't have survived a night outside in the rainstorms of friday and saturday). so now she's back but my sense of security is still dead. i realize how fragile everything is. how fragile my babies are. how damn lucky i am.

i've started always donating $1 at the checkout when they ask me because i have a large kharmic debt owed the universe for the safe return of birdy. my sweet beautiful bird.

and max is fun too. he's a little baby. i'm still handfeeding him and i've only had him for 8 days so i don't know him too well. but he likes the toys i've built for him and the games and stuff we play. he's eating well and we're sort of weaning. (oatmeal mix from a spoon in the AM, handfeeding formula from the syringe in the PM).

so life is ok. am i'm ok. which means it is time for me to stop stuffing my face and get off the damned futon.

my goals:
1. no more junk (negotiable for the 12 hours; non-negotiable after that)
2. exercise: goal: 20 minutes on treadmill every evening for a few weeks. because damn girl you've let yourself go. and you can do this. you can.
3. figure out my shit

I've decided i'm leaving L.I. come 2007 (january to be precise). I'm thinking about moving home during Christmas and getting a job somewhere at home in an animal related field. this can include but is not limited to:
  • vet something (assistant? shit scooper?)
  • pet store dog groomer (i need some serious dog experience. cause i ain't got none)
  • something zoo related

i need health coverage so i'll have to figure that out. but i'll start at Harcum vet tech in sept. so i need to take the bio GREs in november but then regular GREs next february or so. that's my plan at least.

even if the job i get at home (and it may be 2 part time jobs, not 1 full time) doesn't pay as much as lab-teching my rent would be a lot cheaper.

so that's the outlook for now.

gotta suck it up. gotta get down to business. it's going to be ok. it's going to be great.

bunny eating treats in her concrete-form cardboard tunnel Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 29, 2006

baby bird Posted by Picasa

yum yum baby bird eating grown up food Posted by Picasa

birdy loves her toys Posted by Picasa

now with birdy! Posted by Picasa

an overview of birdy's new play area Posted by Picasa

bunny grooming under the usual Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

birdy's second new stand Posted by Picasa

it's new home--on top of birdy's cage Posted by Picasa

close up on the new play stand i built for birdy Posted by Picasa

kitten bemoaning the loss of his hay basket Posted by Picasa

kitten trying to hold on while i take the hay basket away Posted by Picasa

kitten eating hay with his head in the basket Posted by Picasa

last night--bunny enjoying birdy's new cage Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i'll even share my peanut Posted by Picasa

i'm the luckiest girl in the world Posted by Picasa

i'm so damn lucky Posted by Picasa

a new cleaning buddy? Posted by Picasa

kitten during the hand feeding. he's such a predator Posted by Picasa

so messy! Posted by Picasa

yum yum foodies Posted by Picasa

yum yum foodies Posted by Picasa

handfeeder extraordinaire! Posted by Picasa

birdy's new play zone--2 perches connected and spanning the futon. i am reinventing my space for her. i'm so thankful that she's back Posted by Picasa

birdy's first new perch Posted by Picasa