Friday, January 16, 2009

no, seriously!

i got into penn.

it's over.

now, the choosing begins.

but holy fuck man, and yes, i'm cursing.

but seriously. seriously.


i got into penn.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the eve

fuck man. i wrote a long postand blogger ate it. no more right now. tomorrow = penn interview = wish meluck.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the state of things

So i found out yesterday I was accepted at Cornell. That means I've been accepted to Tufts andC Cornell and have my interview at Penn on Friday. I expect I will hear from Penn within a day or so of my interview (that's how it has gone historically).

so i'm in a state of ambiguous elation. I have a really hard choice to make since i didn't really expect to get into all three schools (i'm counting my chickens, yes, at penn, but I do think it's likely i'll get in there). Cornell is the top ranked program, Penn #3. Ithaca is rural and beautiful and i think i'm going to fall in love with it on my visit. penn has a great emergency/critical care program and it's local. it's also in a city, which i don't love.

so i'm conflicted. but happy. in a week i will have heard from penn and it will all be over--this stage at least.

in other news: school at WCU has started (physics II and calculus) and i've started a new job at another emergency clinic--i'm working at 2 now--and that's going well so far. i have to go get dressed and go to school. my head hurts. i think it is my future trying to get it.