Tuesday, June 19, 2007

an update.

half-way through my first semester of vet tech school. i did well on my first set of exams--the second set are underway. i did well on my lab animal practical last night despite dropping the hamster (i kid you not).

in other news: i adopted two 'retired' lab rats last monday night and despite pop and william and john not loving them they are coming around, getting friendlier and learning to play and eat treats. my thoughts: with my extensive experience in pet rodents i believe rats are the most responsive, most attentive and most excellent rodent available. (that i know of). I like mine at least.

other news: sue and mike and the kids and OCB tomorrow which will be nice. i've started working at a vet practice and so far we've had two euthanasias which is really sad. the part where the animals get better is nice though. the constipated cat receiving three enemas was a little not nice. but that's how it goes. i'm learning. i'm a damn sponge.

so that's it. i'm not doing much really except school (mon --> thurs) work (fri + every other sat) and craft shows (every other sat) and that pretty much fills up my day. i'm eagerly anticipating the vacations of august and seeing people i haven't seen in a while.

much love.

Monday, June 04, 2007

life update

today was a good day. i had my third test of four (in a one week period). tomorrow is my last test. i also had a quiz tonight and i have a lab report due on wednesday (that i haven't written yet). but good news: i did a flea market on saturday and although it was a real flea market (people selling junk. lots of junk) I made about $200 which is great. so i joined an online craft listing site and now have lined up a bunch more craft shows for this summer.

however, i cannot do all the craft shows because ... i also got a job! i had applied for a position at radnor vet but when i didn't hear back from them i called on friday and they informed me that they weren't hiring. I wish they had told me that but whatever. i cold called a bunch (about 15) vets in the area and found only one hospital that was hiring. i went over and filled out an application. i heard from them on saturday and called back this morning. i went over after class for an interview/tour and am .... starting work this friday! I'll be working every friday and about 2 weekends / month. my job duties are about 20% kennel, 40% reception and 40% vet tech (!!). i'm nervous (of course) about having a job and doing craft shows and being in school (cause school is actually a decent amount of work) but this is what i want.

it's a very small practice (only one vet and about 5 techs) but this way i'll be able to have some real hands on experience. it's a very small building (located about 4 miles from my house, right by where i used to take karate) but they have an in house lab with all the tests i've been learning about at school, an anesthesia machine, x-ray and mini-surgical suite. i'm excited. and i'm starting at $10/hr which is more than i expected (i had prepared myself for minimum wage).

so that's the state of things here. school is picking up. i'm learning a ton. tonight i gave a gerbil an intramuscular injection (and was bitten by said gerbil). I also clipped a hamster's teeth and gave it a sub-Q and IM injection. next week we're doing rats (which i think will be easier) followed by guinea pigs (i expect hard) and then rabbits (also hard i expect).

on other news: bunny and i have been very friendly lately. she lets me rub her cheeks and closes her eyes and puts her head down when i pet her. i've had her for more than a year now and i think she's warming up to me. i still call her the bad bunny but she's actually been very good--she goes in her cage after only a little chasing and she hasn't been doing any naughty peeing (that i've found at least).

so that's things here in PA. i miss everyone in long island. xoxoxoxoxooxox