Friday, April 28, 2006

i love him so much.  Posted by Picasa

kitten likes the accent pillow too! Posted by Picasa

the whole set up Posted by Picasa

who's that bird in the mirror? Posted by Picasa

yummy millet Posted by Picasa

birdy gets braver! Posted by Picasa

birdy looks longingly at the millet i am enticing her with Posted by Picasa

I slowly introduced birdy to her furniture. she is still a little wary Posted by Picasa

at first birdy was afraid of the new furniture i bought her Posted by Picasa

choice comments from this morning:

(me to kitten)
"look at the birdies!"
(closer inspection)
"oh, that's a bird and a stick."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

she even chews my hand! Posted by Picasa

birdy is driven by an insatiable desire to chew! Posted by Picasa

don't know why...

It is interesting, i don't know why i'm really so bothered by this. because part of me isn't bothered at all but there is this little niggling monster serpenty thing swirling around the edge of my consciousness that is eating away at me sense of self worth. it's not just this, it's the whole package of my life and I know that's a mope-mope for me kind of statement but whatever...

i can't decide if i'm going to go see the dog today. i should, it's been almost two weeks but I want to go buy my perfume at the mall and then i have studying. i think that if i get out of here early (ish) today i'll go home, change and go see the dog then go to teh mall and then to study...

I feel like I need to just suck it up and get happy but i'm not sure what i should do. I'm not really asking for suggestions since i'm likely to be annoyed by them. but lordy mclordy. i'm a genuine mopefest.

I'm going to focus on continued apartment renovations. of which there have been none today. I went running and had a crappy run but did it (well, i walked parts of it but i was still out there). I did a new, shorter outdoors route. I need to get my running geared up but the whole AM deal is difficult.

I opened communication yesterday with 2 new matches from eharmony. I was excited because they were both cute. This morning i log on and both have closed communication with me (one citing 'lack of chemistry' the other citing 'other') and now I am feeling unattractive, desperate and pathetic. that makes me sad.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

that's all folks! Posted by Picasa

yeah, i love kitten. but think how much he loves me to put up with things like this! Posted by Picasa

bad hair day! Posted by Picasa

Kitten's favorite time of day--look at that jaw extension! Posted by Picasa

Birdy is such a photo-hog! Posted by Picasa

my new playroom organizer (with a bed for kitten a top!) Posted by Picasa

birdy playing in the kitchen Posted by Picasa

my new media rack--looks like i need more media! Posted by Picasa

my new drying rack (already in use!) Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 24, 2006

a more flattering shot of the new accent pillow, new slip cover and new throw Posted by Picasa

the whole futon (+ new accent pillow and new throw) Posted by Picasa

I am trying to keep my spirits up by thinking about ways I can improve my apartment. Improvements fall into a number of 'impact-categories' (lasting impact on the apartment). The highest impact is the idea of painting the walls (namely the wood paneling) and that would require asking the landlord (which is not out of the question but does require doing something which i generally don't do).

Impact Category (1):

  • paintingwood panelling to white (?)

Impact Category (2): major purchase or quasi-invasive redecorating

  • new window treatments
    area rug
    purchase of new organizing equipment

Impact Category (3): low

  • moving around existing shelving etc
    chillpill to office? Birdy move? Utilize Closet space?
    new wall decorations

Improved Maintenance:

  • throw out trash (now and on a regular basis)
  • clean apartment regularly
  • go through clothes/possessions for donation and trash potential
  • combine clothing pools
  • vacuum apartment (now and on a regular basis)

Things that I am thinking about:

  • -things that i can't talk about
  • flower placemats from CVS
  • moving furniture around in my apartment
  • purchasing a toolkit and assembling my DVD holder
  • taking pictures at the wild animal hospital next weekend
  • looking into window treatments
  • exchanging my green velour futon blanket for my blue velour bed blanket to make my futon color scheme more coherent
  • looking into a summer color scheme (new throw rug for futon ?)-cinder blocks to super lift up my bed
  • moving kittens old cage into the attic
  • moving shelves into the exercise room closet
  • organizing my clothes in my closet
  • organize pet stuff
  • dismantle old pet cages and store in more space conserving position
Long Term Considerations:

  • summer craft fairs
  • list jewelry on ebay
  • photograph and organize jewelry for ebay
  • under organize: those 46 bin organizing things from target etc to organize into batches and then label the batches"

Sunday, April 23, 2006

if one man's trash is another man's treasure then I have all the treasure

my beautiful picture of the day: the cactus trails in nafplio Posted by Picasa

birdy playing her new favorite game--on top of my bookshelves--drop the earring! Posted by Picasa

kitten just found (just!) some catnip i put out a few weeks ago Posted by Picasa