Thursday, April 02, 2009

the earthworms are mating

it has been raining here off and on and since mom cut down the bushes that separate our side yard from our neighbors (that was about 10 years ago) we have fought an unsuccessful struggle against erosion, the result being a barren patch of dirt on a hill, held on by the bared scrape of moss and tree roots. the tree of course prevents grass from growing (on account of the shade) and every year more roots are washed to the surface.

alas, i digress. so, carbon and I came home from work tonight and I took her to her spot to go to the bathroom. the last few nights i've noticed the earthworms dashing back into their burrows as the light turned on but tonight i realized something:
(1) there were a lot of earth worms out and
(2) there were a lot of earth worm pairs

the earthworms appear to mate in a hermaphroditic type of coitus (i'm not sure of the sexual orientation of the species, but there appeared to be two points of attachment in each pair). It was somewhat beautiful, in a creepy slimy sort of way (and once i realized the earthworms weren't dead, just making sweet, sweet music in the night).

so i suppose this is a positive omen, that as my birthday dawns, at least someone is getting laid.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

dude, i went on a date!

and it totally didn't suck! it was actually a lot of fun and I liked the guy. I almost went on a date last night but the guy emailed to say he was sick so we're going out next week. These are both e-harmony guys. so, not much to say, but i had a nice time and actually enjoyed myself. good lord. i socialized. is this the start of something new?