Saturday, August 26, 2006

you don't have to love what you do

but it sure makes it a lot better.

i'm so excited about veterinary technician school and then vet school. so excited about learning. really rather interminably (sp?) excited about my real life.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

she's so pretty Posted by Picasa

yum yum Posted by Picasa

La La La La La La! Posted by Picasa

ok, it's not opera. it's the happy yawn Posted by Picasa

birdy sings opera! Posted by Picasa

kitten working at the computer with me. just so you know, i am wearing shorts Posted by Picasa

bunny caught in the middle of her happy joyful morning run Posted by Picasa

kitten and i working at the computer Posted by Picasa

i think she's mooning us Posted by Picasa

yum yum yum kabob Posted by Picasa

bunny ravages the lettuce Posted by Picasa

yum yum birdy eats lettuce! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'm so damn lucky Posted by Picasa

the pen proved too mighty an opponent. it is, indeed, mightier than the sword. Posted by Picasa

kitten taking a break from his vicious predation to attack the pen Posted by Picasa

kitten attacking his toy Posted by Picasa

real love is holding a handfull of poop. every day. at least there was no pee this time. and yes, i washed my hands afterward. Posted by Picasa

give kisses! Posted by Picasa

my sweet beautiful bird and Me Posted by Picasa

baby bird with a birdy treat toy i made her Posted by Picasa

birdy grooming her foot Posted by Picasa

baby bird eating birdy bread Posted by Picasa

my haircut Posted by Picasa


totally hormonal yesterday. i'm in a way better mood today. baby bird ate birdy bread this morning! so that made me really happy.

funny funny thing: after work yesterday i stopped home to feed baby bird and then go volunteer at Petsmart (where Sam and Suzy have adoptions pending for them to go together!) i was in and out of home within 30 minutes.

so i get home after 3 hours and realize...i left bunny running free during that whole time. i was a little afraid that kitten would have tried to eat her. i found her cowering in her box-fort in my bedroom. when i lifted it up and found her she was way scared-er than she's been in months. so i think that she did not enjoy being left free and unsupervised with no joey and 1 kitten.... but it ends well. she didn't pee in my bed this morning. maybe she is scared straight...for a few days at least.

much love

Monday, August 21, 2006


i suspect that my hormones are fluctuating wildly because everything is making me want to cry. i feel like no one wants my help on anything at work (which is true because there isn't really anything going on) but i just feel so lonely and like such an annoying social failure.

it's funny because i'm excited about going to the island but it's sparking major anxiety in me--anxiety that people just tolerate me, that no one really wants me to come, that i shouldn't burden people with my presence. and insecurity is such a viscious cycle: no one wants to be around someone with such pathological insecurity that the very thing i fear--that my presence is a downer--will come to pass.

so most of the time i don't let myself mope about it. i am not allowed to fret because the boys from the lab had fun pizza and beer dinner on friday and i wasn't invited. that they go to parties at the main campus and that i am the only person who really just simmers in glorious isolation but in all fairness, it is a stew of my own making. i know that i seek out solitude but it is hard because i both turn down invitations and then am sad when they don't come.

right now i feel like i'm going to start crying and that is almost certainly the result of rampaging female hormones. who knows. who knows. i know that i'm happy in a way deep down that i haven't been, happy and hopeful but that right this instant i feel very weepy. me thinks it is all in my head.

although, when you get right down to it, isn't everything?

kitten in his newest sleeping spot Posted by Picasa

kitten sniffing the bun... this encounter ended well with kitten leaving without attacking Posted by Picasa