Tuesday, September 11, 2007

enough is enough

is there ever a point when you can say to yourself "enough is enough. it's over, let it go."

so far today i have: taken ginger to the vet for his dental appt. picked up deposit slips for mom at M&T bank. fixed my napster problem (= 1 hr with tech support). Scheduled a drs appt to find out if i'm just really lazy or physiologically imbalanced. that's it i guess. now it's 10:27 am and i have work i can do (i suppose) but i don't really feel like doing anything. i have to pull it all together around the edges.

i need to meet some people my age in this location. i've been thinking about emailing my friends and asking them to hook me up with people they know in a 20 mile radius of my current location. Like blind 'friend' dates i suppose. i just need more people in my day to day life. i think that's some of why i don't do anything. i lie in bed, i'm good at that. i'm not exactly depressed but it's easier to be alone at home than out in the big bad world.

the island was awesome. i had an incredible 4 days and it made me really happy to see all these people i care about. i wish they were closer. i wish we could go to niagara every weekend. that would rock. even so, i'm counting down till next year.