Wednesday, July 09, 2008

so amped up...

i just got back from a 12 hour shift at my job. really, it was a 10 hour shift but at hour 9 (after nothing happening all day) the dam burst and sick animals poured into the hospital.

today was incredible. not only did i get to do a lot of stuff (i put a catheter in a cat perfectly! i also blew three tries on another cat and gave up. goes to show...) I did a cat jug stick and cystocentesis (ultrasound guided needle into the bladder to get urine for bacterial culture.

more important: i went out on triages by myself. i assessed animals, talked to owners, and decided if the animals were stable. i also did my own discharges--went over instructions with owners, counted meds, did paperwork!

tonight was most important for one reason: for the first time as a vet tech of any sort (in training, on practicum, on my new job) there were moments when i acted with autonomy. i didn't order people around (i did ask for help a lot) but there were times that i simply acted because i knew what needed to be done and i knew how to do it. i can't explain what a rush that is.

because i know i'm going to get better. and i love this. love veterinary medicine. love it all. and i'm going to get good at it. because i love it this much.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

beginning again

well shucks, i posted a long post and blogger ate it.
i will write again later.
if i don't get another error message. but the long adn short: i'm off to VRC for my first day of work. wish me luck. i'm gonna rock it.