Thursday, May 08, 2008

sometimes its hard

right now i want to say:

why don't you see me?
why don't you see the parts of me that are beautiful?
i am so full of love.
i am so full of hope.
i am so eager, and so smart. why is that a bad thing? why is it wrong? why don't i fit in?
why can't you see that i am so full of love"


"believing in yourself"

believing in yourself if key to success in anything. but there is a point where yuo have to reevaluate believing in yourself and what the world is teling you. it's all about cognitive dissonance to me.

tonight was really hard for me in ES. my supervisor told me that i overstepped my bounds (she phrased it differently) and it's so hard for me, how do i be myself and not offend people? How do i do it? when people ask questions i think i know the answer to i want to answer, it's like a reflex. and i don't know how to now answer. and i have to learn how to. a year from know, i'll be the vet student. but right now i'm the nurse. and it's so damn hard.