Sunday, September 27, 2009

10:57 pm

I have been studying biochemistry for 7 hours. + 2 hours before my break. 

very strange.

vet school is so hard. i never feel like i'm working hard enough, i never feel like i'm on top of studying. anatomy is so overwhelming that although i love it (and i do, i love it) the knowledge that i am responsible for knowing so many terms (~1200 for our first exam in a week) is like being in quicksand. i'm not quite drowning but lord knows i'm not safe. 

so, first biochem exam this tuesday (my first grade in vet school. eek!)  i've spent today reviewing the lectures on DNA/RNA/transcription/translation etc... Tomorrow i'm going to review the pathways--CHO metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation and lipid metabolism. (i like the pathways better than today's material). 

i think i'm ok. after biochem, of course, i redouble my anatomy efforts (plus developmental, histology, wildlife, ICVM and whatever else i forgot). since i'm sure i forgot something.

grant me strength. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

joey's in vet school!

in fact, i'm typing this on my laptop sitting in a brand new beautiful classroom with my 125 classmates. of course, my airpennnet wireless isn't working. and i'm already overwhelmed with how much i have to learn (mostly anatomy) but my biggest hurdle is figuring out how to study and take notes with a paper-free system. particularly, all the notes and powerpoints for all the lectures are already available but i don't know how i'm going to transfer my notetaking and studying skills from undergrad/highschool to this brave new world. 

well. class is starting. one hour to go. then i'm gonna go home and study. oh lord. i think its time for flashcards already.